Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Vegetation Cultivation Module

Fast to assemble, easy to use and versatile in application, RADIX is standardizing vertical farming with specialized light recipes and NFT-DWC hybrid irrigation modes.


SANANBIO RADIX hydroponic module provide growers with a diverse and highly effective hydroponic grow system. Whether they’re used for large scale production or as classroom hydroponics kits, RADIX hydroponic module allow growers to create a controlled growing environment that is ideal for just about any crop.



RADIX uses specialized light recipes and NFT-DWC hybrid irrigation modes.

NFT stands for nutrient film technique and is the most popular and widely used deep water culture method by commercial growers. In these systems, the roots are suspended in a channel, while a shallow stream of nutrient solution is recirculated through the bottom of the channel. A thick root mass develops inside the channel and remains moist and nourished from the nutrient solution. The main advantage of NFT hydroponics is the capability of producing very high yields in a minimal footprint. Due to the recirculating system, water and nutrient waste is also minimized.

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